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KRA Award Nominations 2016

Please review each award description and nominate KRA Members you feel deserve consideration for their efforts in assisting persons with disabilities. You can nominate for as many, or as few, awards as you so choose. To nominate an individual, please click on the link below AWARD NOMINATIONS and include the name of the individual along with a brief description as to why you feel they are deserving of the particular award. Please include your name so the awards committee can contact you if they have any follow-up questions. 

Thanks to everyone who votes!

Professional Achievement/Personal Achievement Award -

This award is to recognize a consumer of rehabilitation services who has demonstrated exceptional determination and motivation to overcome substantial impediments to employment resulting from a significant disability, and who has successfully completed a rehabilitation program and become gainfully employed.  The Professional Achievement Award is to recognize the outstanding working partnership between the nominee for the Personal Achievement Award and the professional that worked with the individual to help them obtain their goals.  The recipients of these awards shall be the KRA nominees for the Southeast Regional National Rehabilitation Association (SERNRA) Personal/Professional Achievement Awards. Nomination Criteria: 1. The nominee must be a consumer of rehabilitation services.2. The Professional must be a member of KRA.  

Charles McDowell Education and Advocacy Award -

This award is presented to an advocate for persons with disabilities that has exercised creative and effective leadership on behalf of rehabilitation programs and/or has made a major contribution to the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities through action which increased rehabilitation opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

Outstanding Employer of Persons with Disabilities
Recognition Award -

These awards will be given to employers across the state that have contributed to the vocational rehabilitation of individuals through the employment of works who have disabling conditions.  One or more nominees may be selected as outstanding employer(s) of the year 

Kentucky Rehabilitation Association Staff Award -

This award will be given to a full-time clerical employee of a public or private organization or agency who has displayed outstanding service and contributions to persons with disabilities.  Nomination Criteria: 1. Each nominee must be a member of KRA.2. Each person nominating must be a member of KRA.  

Wendell Taylor Memorial Award -

This award is given to an individual or group whose dedication to rehabilitation motivates them to work without any or little financial reimbursement.  The activities may be an independent operation or in cooperation with professional rehabilitation workers.  Those nominated do not have to be a member of KRA. 

Esther Taylor Award -

This award is presented to an individual who utilizes professionalism, creativity, encouragement, education and guidance to assist individuals with disabilities in gaining employment that promotes transitioning from the roles of social security to self sufficiency.  Nomination Criteria: 1. Each person nominating must be a member of KRA. 

Ben Coffman Award -

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding service to the rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities.  This award is to be presented to any employee of the federal, state, local governments, or private agencies. The recipient must have given exception services to citizens with disabling conditions.

Nomination Criteria:

1. Each nominee must be a member of KRA.
2. Each person nominating must be a member of KRA. 


This award is given to an individual business or organization who has exercised leadership in removing environmental and legal barriers and in overcoming discrimination against persons with disabilities.

Division Awards

Please contact individual division award chairs for nomination information.

Kentucky Rehabilitation Association Leadership Award

This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional rehabilitation leadership in administration.   Those nominated for the award should have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and initiative, as well as outstanding competence in administrative leadership.

Nomination Criteria: 1. Each nominee must be a member of KRA.2. Each person nominating must be a member of KRA. 

Kentucky Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association - Counselor of the Year -

Please explain why you feel this nominee should be selected as KRCEA Counselor of the Year.  Also please include the educational and employment background of the individual.

Nomination Criteria: 1. The person nominated must be a member of KRA.


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